Gain repeat customers wtih integrated email marketing and loyalty program. Start a gift card program fron your first day.

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Know what your selling, when you're selling it and how much of it you are selling it all in real time.  Place vendor orders quickly based upon sales history.  Calculate employees commission and salary easily.  Track your inventory down to the item.  Comprehensive audit trails allow you to research any questionable sales or inventory discrepancy quickly.

                        OFF LINE CREDIT

If the Internet or your card processor goes down, you can still take transactions.


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(877) 942-2731


You’ll always have a live agent on call via text, online chat, email or phone 24/7/365.


​Use the intuituve touch screen enabled point of sale to quickly checkout your customers in record time.  Display items on screen with pictures or buttons.  Create special deals on the fly,  Send e-mail receipts while building your customer database.  Securely take cash, credit card payments, perform exchanges and refunds.  Even issue gift cards all from the same screen.

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                      Concierge Service

Concierge Service.  All setup, inventory maintenance, training and more is included

EMV Compliant POS Software 

 For ​e-Cigarette and Vape Shops

Simple, Complete, Affordable.